Network Marketing Advantages as a Home Business

Have you ever heard of network marketing? Are you hoping to live an extraordinary life that is vastly different from the masses? Network marketing allows you to work from home and gives you that chance to live an extraordinary life. Your work can be done from the beach or anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, not many people understand the real meaning of network marketing and Women at Beach Workingwhy it is better than traditional home business. Most people prefer to go to work every day, get paid, and go home without asking whether there is a better way to make money.  Few people who seek a better way to be financially free end up becoming traditional home business owners, which is draining their energy.

Of course, traditional business is good but just look at the benefits it provides and the benefits network marketing provides.

What you get from traditional business

  • You will use your life savings or borrow from friends take on a new debt or borrow from family to get started.
  • When you own a business, you will be the first to get to work, last to go home and your workers get paid while you are not.
  • A business can fail
  • Instead of focusing on what you are good at, you have to do all things including babysitting your staff, mediation, etc.
  • More debt in the form of personal guarantees and leases.
  • You will spend millions of dollars on adverts.
  • You have to hire an expensive sales force to promote your products

Networking is now the way of life in the business community. Just look at all the big companies; almost all of them are offering referral commission programs. So what are the benefits of network marketing and why is it better than owning your own business?

Advantages of Network Marketing Over a Traditional Business

#1 You don’t need employees
Hiring and training employees is one of the problems business owners face. They have to pay the employees, which typically accounts for about 80 percent of the business’s expenses – there is nothing like that in network marketing.

With network marketing, you don’t need employees and if you need any assistance, you can outsource it – you don’t need to hire permanent staff. Employees also come with different kinds of problems. From harassment lawsuits, theft, and complaints to people calling in to complain of sickness, employees can give a business owner a headache.

If you are into network marketing, you are free as you don’t need to employ anyone.

#2. You don’t need to stock or ship inventory
Stock and ship inventory also cost business owners a lot of money but as a network marketer, you don’t need to pay for stock and ship inventory. This is what makes network marketing more interesting. You keep all the money you make.

#3. You don’t need to babysit or hold the hand of your partners

This is another big problem for business owners as they have to monitor their business 24/7. Even if they are having a good time with your kids and wife, you still have to think about your employees due to the concern or fear that they can mess with your business or steal from you.

As a network marketer, you don’t need to hold the hands of your partners, you just need to help them out and direct them to the weekly training that the company has.

#4. Tax benefits
As a network marketer, the most important benefit you can receive is the many tax advantages. Network marketing gives you a chance to start something that will provide you with the financial freedom you need. In fact, you may decide not to sacrifice your job since you can do this on a part-time basis. But you need to focus 100% on traditional business or else it will not succeed.

The good thing about network marketing is that you don’t need a big capital to start it; you can easily build it from the ground up. And when you start to surpass the normal salary you receive where you work, you can quit your job and do it full-time.

#5. You have the chance to meet many successful mentors
Another benefit you get as a network marketer is that you will meet people who are willing to help you to succeed. The experts will do their best to help you succeed and can even share their well-kept secrets with you because that is how network marketing is designed.

#6. You share in company ownership and profit
When you build a team that sells products, you automatically become part of that company as you will continue to share the profit with the company.  That is how things work.

#7. You can share quality time with your family
Aside from the fact that you can decide the amount of money you make every day, month, or year, you can also spend quality time with your family and friends. So if you want to spend more time with your wife/husband, kids, or friends, this is the perfect profession for you.

Man Working From Home

How to Build This Type of Home Business

  • Giving out samples of your product can be a very good way to build your business when you do it right.
  • For those of us that have a gregarious personality then sharing your product and money stories with others works well.
  • For the more introverted personality mailing letters or postcards to bought leads, that have shown interest in working from home is a viable option.
  • Driving traffic to your site through blog posts like this works well.
  • Being active on Social Media and adding value is yet another good way to gain leads and traffic to one’s site.
  • Buying clicks to your site works when they come from a quality source.

What next?
Are you going to be running after money for the rest of your life or let money run after you? Do you want to own your time and build your dream lifestyle? Are you planning to be financially free? Would you like to spend more time with your friends and family?

The questions above may sound like cliché but they are the questions you need to answer. If you want to choose whom you work for, the type of work you do, and how much you earn, Network marketing makes sense. Also, considering the peace of mind that comes with it, you can’t compare it with a traditional local business.

You can start today
Network marketing is really easy to start because you need very little money to start it. Build a team, change your financial status, and spend more time with your family.

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