Before Starting That Network Marketing Business

4 Critical Things To Do Before Starting A Network Marketing Business

1. You must have a genuine passion for the particular company, products, or service that you will be marketing. You absolutely must be sold yourself to be wildly successful. When you believe in the products or services yourself you won’t have any problem sharing with others! Sharing your network Network Marketingmarketing products and, or opportunity can be as easy as sharing a good movie when your IASM.  IASM stands for, I am sold myself.

2. Do some due diligence or research on the company owners as they must have integrity. When the network marketing company or company owners have a very poor reputation online, you will have a real battle building your business as negative info is easily found on the internet and spreads super fast. I once ignored this very advice and regret it now as the company went out of business leaving us distributors high and dry.

Before Starting A Network Marketing Business Be Careful Not to Over-Analyze Things

* The best reason I know of not to overanalyze things is the fact that rich people make decisions fast and are slow to change their minds.

You might also quiz your referrer on what they know about the company.

3. Make sure there is good support and training.  Will your sponsor support you by phone or does your sponsor hide behind his or her email?  A good sponsor will gladly talk to you on the phone.  In addition, make sure there is at least a weekly training call to plug into as this will not only help keep you engaged, it will help you find out about what is working for others and different ways of marketing your network marketing business.  You never know when just one nugget of great information will speak to you and change your path and life forever!

4. You will need a way to market or show your products or business. So before starting a network marketing business find out what marketing tools are already in place. You will need personalized websites and explanation videos to showcase your business.

People, you show your business or products to need validation, and showing them a professional online presentation gives it to them. What you will be doing is directing people to the information they need, to make an informed decision on your network marketing business and products.

Do Your Due Diligence Before Starting a Network Marketing Business

Mike Thompson desires to support and coach others in building their network marketing business.

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4 Responses

  1. So right Mike! It’s so easy to get carried away and just jump into home based businesses due to frustration with one’s work without first counting the cost and doing a good due diligence. Another thing I consider when looking at a business is whether or not they give good training and support. You don’t wanna be in a business you love, with products you love and loads of tools; but with nobody to hold your hand. Most of us come into network marketing from an employee background with an employee mindset and zero marketing knowhow.

    Thanks Mike!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Clive,

    You reminded me to add training and support which is so very important when choosing a network marketing business!

  3. Hi Mike, Nice site. Great post. So many people I know have that analysis paralysis so mch so that they wonder what happened when someone else has gone on ahead.

    This excuse is not just where networking is concerned but almost any business. You are right on the money. A wonderful eye opening book on this matter is “The Magic of Thinking Big” by Davis Schwartz.

    Have a great day.

  4. Thanks for visiting and the kind words Rebecca!

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